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Whatever the reason or stage of a miscarriage it's important for a woman to know the facts so she can make an informed descision & manage it in the best way. You may have miscarriage symptoms - it can be a very lonley and confusing time, but look at the facts on how to have a miscarriage before making any further decisions - just take a few minutes to undertand more & then decide what's best for you. There are pills and there are more natural methods that can work - which ever route is chosen please always consult a doctor.

how to have a miscarriage

 Worry - Despair  - Sadness -  Uncertainty  Panic -  Sickness    -  Shame -   Secrecy

Vitamin C

Mifeprostone & Misoprostol

Blue & Black Cohosh

These herbs are widely used to speed up a miscarriage. They taste awful but they do create excessive oxytocin which stimulate contractions rejecting whatever is in the uterus. The dosage is 150mg every four hours but never exceed 800mg per day - Cohosh should not be used any longer than 10 days and should not be taken by anyone with any heart issues. Many people mix a smoothie combining Cohosh, Vitamin C & Dong Quai. There are some medical complications for usage of Cohosh that may include depressed heart rate, dizziness, sickness, diarrhoea, headaches, shakes, low pulse - again medical supervision is suggested.


Cinnamon can be effective on how to have a miscarriage naturally as it causes uterine stimulation which will help the rejection process. Cinnamon supplements are more effectiove than raw cinnamon because of the strong taste  - it's not advisable to cook the cinnamon as it loses it's effectiveness. Cinnamon has the additional benefit of helping with the healing process after the miscarriage. Take these supplements slowly to ensure you do not have an allergic reaction or become sick in the process. As with all  attempts to miscarry using herbs it will cause nasty side effects so consult your doctor.

how to have a miscarriage how to have a miscarriage



The information on this website on how to have a miscarriage is sourced from several unverified & unauthenticated sources, and as such adopoting these methods following them may result in serious health complications requiring urgent medical help. They are merley a personal opinion designed for my peronsal consumption and under no circumstance provide medical advice. Whoever chooses to read or follow any of the methods outlined on this website does so at their own risk as we cannot vouch for the sources from where these methods came. Consulting a health expert before you decide to use any of these methods is actively encouraged.

how to have a misscarriage

Donq Quai Dong initiates strong muscle contractions in the womb and signals the uterus to expel it's contents. It can be taken in tea or with vitamin C. Taking it with parsley is also effective. Capsules & powders are widely available. Again medical supervision is a must as side affects can and will be painful.

Dong Quai


Sabina & Sepia are well known as ways to have a miscarriage. They also remove the tissues left behind after an incomplete miscarriage and have proved very effective. These can be found at any homeopathy store and instruction will be given as a leaftet. They do cause a lot of pain so just be ready with painkillers.

how to have a miscarriage

Probably the best known brand of pills for a miscarriage using either Mifepristone (aka :  the abortion pill, Mifegyn,  RU 486, Mifeprex), & Misoprostol (aka: Oxaprost, Cytotec, Arthrotec, Prostokos, Cyprostol, Mibetec, or Misotrol). Depending on where you live your doctor can prescribe these.  Misoprostol is approximatley 90% successful and if it's not affective it can be taken again after 3 days. Side affects include painful cramps, blood clots, vomiting & nausea, headache and possibly fever. This must be done with the advice & support of a medical expert.

The most popular natural way to induce a miscarriage is using vitamin C  - it helps to increase levels of estrogen which triggers uterine contractions and ultimately a miscarriage. You can either use vitamin C capsules or use natural sources using citrus fruits, pineapples, strawberries, papya & kiwi fruit. The maxium daily dose of 6000mg should never exceeded. As with all miscarriages, there will be obvious side effects including severe cramping, nausea, headaches, dizziness, etc - when looking at how to have a miscarriage always seek medical advice and always confide in at least one person that can help you should you need it.

how to have a miscarriage

It's always best to perform a pregnancy test to avoid putting your body through needles pain.  Having a misscarriage is not a pleasant experience  - severe cramps, contractions, blood clots, nausea are but a few of the symproms you will encounter. Every miscarriage is different and it can take up to 2 weeks for the uterus to expel everything. It is adviseable to have a scan afterwards to ensure that the uterus is clear and free from infection. Painkillers will be needed. Always be prepared to seek medical support - if in doubt stop taking any herbs and go to hospital. Always confide in someone in case you need medical help and more importantly you will need a friend to talk it over with.

When to seek urgent medical help


- Extreme pain on one side

- Profuse bleeding i.e filling a pad or more per hour

- Heavy bleeding lasts for more that 12 full days

- A Fever of 102 degrees or higher

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